I want to start by congratulating you on your decision to make fitness a way of life, and am excited to see the positive changes in all those that I work with.  Positive changes begin with a successful program.

But before we begin let me tell you a little bit about myself:

I was never into fitness, but I was always active and had never been “heavy”, but I certainly wasn’t thin or toned either; then I developed hypothyroidism and put on a lot of weight, which I just couldn’t lose.  I was so frustrated, depressed and just felt like I didn’t want to be out in public, so I started working out with a personal trainer who also helped me with my diet.  I learned how to exercise and eat properly and now here I am 50 lbs lighter and much stronger, happier and healthier!  But once I reached my goals, I knew that the long road ahead (i.e. maintaining my new body) would be tough.  That’s when I learned the importance of goal setting.  So, my “workout buddy” and I started training together at the gym; then she stopped.  I didn’t want to quit too, but I still wasn’t ready to self-motivate.  That’s when I began taking group exercise classes and discovered that I enjoyed not only the benefits of exercise, but also the social aspect.  After I became a regular in the group classes, a few of the instructors encouraged me to become an instructor myself, during this process I was surprised to find I had a new passion; I loved inspiring others to reach their fitness goals too.  Since then I’ve become a certified personal trainer and never looked back!  This holds me accountable to myself and helps me maintain my weight loss goals.

Now you have to think about what your goals are and how to achieve them! As a certified personal trainer I can help you:

– lose weight
– gain muscle
– tone up
– correct muscular imbalances
– increase flexibility
– increase cardiovascular endurance
– increase core strength
– break through plateaus
– design safe, effective, efficient and fun exercise programs
– expedite goals through better nutrition
– Find the JOY in fitness!

Certified Personal Trainer:
American Council on Exercise CPT and ACE Health Coach, Apex Fitness, National Academy of Sports Medicine Certified Personal Trainer (CPT), National Academy of Sports Medicine Conditioning Exercise Specialist (CES),  National Academy of Sports Medicine Performance Enhancement Specialist (PES),  USA Weightlifting Advanced Sports Performance Coach

Group Fitness Instructor:
Aerobics and Fitness Association of America (AFAA), Amp’d Abs/Core Central, Boot Camp, Everlast Shadow Box, Lift, Les Mills BodyPump, Body Combat and CXWorx, Senior Fitness, S.E.T, and Turbo Kick Boxing

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