“I have worked with Morgan for a little over a year and have experienced some great results. My balance was not that great and once we started working on it I realized how very important it was to my well being. While working on my balance my core muscles were aslo strengthened as well as my back. It’s a very rewarding feeling to work with someone who is so inspiring and dedicated to their work and your improvement.” – Bethene B.

“Training with Morgan for nearly a year and a half changed my entire life. Throughout the process, I lost over 40 pounds and a large percentage of my body fat. In addition, I also gained a passion for health and fitness. Since I began training with her, I have ran 3 half marathons and have begun training for my first full marathon this coming March. I now enjoy working out and am able to make better decisions with regards to my health/nutrition. I was incredibly nervous about working out with a trainer (and even joining a gym in general), but Morgan made me feel comfortable from the very beginning because she is so warm, friendly, and outgoing. She has also lost over 50 pounds, so she can truly relate to her clients and encourage them to meet their own fitness goals.  I feel very blessed and thankful for my opportunity to train with Morgan. I know that she has not only inspired me, but also all her other clients.” – April B.

“I have been working out with Morgan for about a year and a half.  She is an incredible trainer who genuinely cares about her clients. When I began my training sessions, I had issues with my wrists that prevented me from doing push-ups.  Within six months, she helped to strengthen my wrists and I’m now able to do push-ups again. One of the best things about Morgan is how closely she watches your form during the workouts. From my experiences with other trainers in the past, this is not always the case.  I also love how patient and encouraging Morgan is during particularly challenging sessions.  She is constantly working hard to achieve her own goals and, in turn, it inspires me to reach my own. I feel so lucky to have the opportunity to have her as my trainer and to just have her in my life.  She is a true inspiration.” – Adrianne V.

“Three years ago I started personal training. Weighing almost 195 pounds and having 36% body fat, I decided that it was time for me to make a change.I wanted to start personal training for many years but thought it was something only celebrities did. Nonetheless, I put my preconceived notions aside and jumped in. I chose to start working with Morgan because she had struggled with her weight at one point in her life, so I felt she would understand what I was going through better than someone who had been in shape their whole life.  Not only is she extremely knowledgeable, she has such a great personality to make your sessions fun, yet effective. Almost immediately, I could see changes happening.  I started to lose weight steadily and had more energy. Morgan helped me make small changes in my diet each week until I finally achieved an optimal meal regimen. To date, I have lost 50 pounds and 14% body fat.  I have kept it off thanks to her nutrition and exercise expertise a year and a half later.” – Melissa M.

“Morgan rocks!  I have been training consistently with Morgan for the last year and a half. When I first came to her, my back was tight and I had to consistently stretch it.  After two sessions, my discomfort was almost gone. I have decreased my % body fat and I have released weight. What I love and appreciate about her is her ability to adapt to where I am physically at any time. She has adjusted routines to accommodate times when I was jetlagged, had foot surgery, was tight after running 10Ks, and wanted a travel routine where I could exercise in my hotel room.  She’s fun, knowledgeable, and blends different types of exercise disciplines. I am grateful that she is part of my health team!” – Laura C.

“I was anxious at first about personal training, but Morgan provides just the right combination of challenge and support. Meticulous about tailoring workouts to the individual, she writes new plans as goals are met or new needs emerge. She stays current with certifications, is always doing research on her own to help her clients maximize their workouts and avoid injuries, and gives great information about nutrition and healthy eating. With her, it’s not just about exercise; it’s the whole package. I’m so grateful to have found her.” – Karen L.

“Morgan manages to inspire you to work out harder than you thought possible with encouragement and humor. She is great at personalizing each session to your specific needs.” – Judy C.

“One of the worst things about moving away from Glendale was leaving Morgan! I would see her a couple of times a month to get a new routine. She clearly stays up to date on exercise science and is a top-rate trainer.” – A.A.

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